Friday, November 12, 2010

Some thoughts on doping

I found some generic Perocet in my medicine closet the other day. Plus something called Tramadol. I was thinking about bringing them to IMAZ in case my hip pain got excruciating while running. Then I remembered some drugs are banned by WADA. So I looked them up. Oxycodone/APAP (generic Perocet) is banned during competition. Tramadol is not. Both are opiate analgesics. So why one and not the other? Beats me.

But it reminds me of how arbitrary some of this stuff is. To the point where, instead of being a "I'm clean and people who dope are horrible" type of person, I'm more of a "whatever" person. I tend to think that all these efforts to try to stop doping in sports are arbitrary, imperfect and not going to work. I prefer the "we're all adults and should make our own choices" path.

Maybe I'm naive though. I just can't imagine taking dangerous drugs so I can cut a few minutes off my time. What's the point? For one thing, it would take all the personal satisfaction out of it and personal satisfaction is what it's all about for me.

Then again, some stuff that is banned is stuff our bodies do naturally. For example, I do a  heavy strength workout 5 days out from big races. The idea is to spike HGH. When it works, it's AWESOME.

So how is this different from just injecting the stuff? Besides one being legal and one not, of course. Injecting it would be a lot easier to control, in fact. Because sometimes the timing on the heavy strength just doesn't work.

Anyway, my calf is much better but I have not had any luck running longer than 2.5 miles in practice. I suspect my marathon pacing goals are unrealistic. My hope right now is that adrenaline will kick in and make what isn't working in practice work in the race. In other words, I'm going to cross my fingers, knock on wood and take a swim down Da Nile.
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