Saturday, November 13, 2010

The shirts are here!

The t-shirts for my "posse" to wear at Ironman AZ have arrived! They look like they are sized on the big side so I think some of us tiny people maybe in trouble.

I got them done via I had two discounts and a Groupon so the price wasn't too bad. The quality is excellent -- I'm very happy with how the graphics turned out, but also these are a nice quality tee, not some flimsy crap.

I got the idea to have everyone wearing matching shirts at last year's event. It was clear that the groups that did this were much easier to spot in the crowd so I figured it would help me find people when I was out on the course and also help them find each other when they are wandering around.

For those who want to follow my race online, my bib number is #2731 and you can track my progress at You only get a shirt if you come in person though. Um, unless there are extras and/or I just feel like giving you one.
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