Friday, November 19, 2010

Inching towards the finish line

Today, since I was already registered and body marked, I got to just hang out mostly. I finally finished seeing everything at the Expo. I got an one hour massage. I got some sort of weird laser treatment that is supposed to be like taking NSAIDs -- it reduces inflamation. I got that twice, in fact,

We also accompanied my friend Cee to get her body marking. When people asked us if we were racing, we said we were her entourage. Our photographer friend took pictures of her just like he did of me yesterday. We had fun.

Then we went to the Welcome Dinner. The food was okay. I tried to drink as much as possible. I think I've finally caught up on my drinking but it's so dry here that I will probably fall behind again tomorrow. Plus, it's too late for my lips. They are now officially chapped.

As part of the dinner, they had speeches and stuff. The Mayor was funny and dynamic. Mike O'Reilly, the official announcer of Ironman, then did some stuff with the crowd. First he got the oldest competitor and the youngest competitor up there and ask them questions. He asked for different people to come forward -- like couples who are racing, and parent-kid teams -- as well.

Finally, he asked anyone who had lost 30 pounds getting ready for this race to stand up. I decided to stand up since I lost about 50 pounds since I signed up for my first triathlon. I stood up until he said 60 pounds or more. But my friends yelled at me to stand up again. So I did. When he got to 70 pounds or more, there were only two of us so we got to come up on stage.

He asked us questions and I got to tell my story about why I decided to get WLS. He did make me say how much I weighed at my highest. It's a good thing I don't mind telling that!

Then, the guy who lost 73 pounds -- who turns out to live near me and we have friends in common on Facebook -- got a nice Tanita scale (but not as nice as mine) and I got a bunch of food from Erin Baker, a $500 gift certificate for more Erin Baker food and a $100 gift certificate for the Ironman store. Whee!

It was called the Erin Baker Live Healthy award. The food and gift certificates are cool but getting to tell my story was the best part.

Now I'm panicking a bit because I thought I'd have all my bags packed for check-in tomorrow and I'm not really there. But I think I'll be fine. I have until 3:00 pm after all.
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