Saturday, November 20, 2010

IM-Day Minus One

It's the night before my Ironman. This will be my last entry until after the race.

I'm actually pretty calm. Or maybe I'm just numb. Either way works for me.

In spite of all my lists, I forgot to take my camping towel out of the dryer and put it in my Swim-to-Bike bag. I'm hoping I can put it in tomorrow even though we're not supposed to do that. It's not that big a deal though as clothes dry very fast out here in the dessert.

This is good because today was the only day we could swim in the lake before the race. Much had been made about how hard it was to get up the steps so I wanted to try that. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd been led to believe. The water was cold -- they announced 61.5 F -- but not so cold that I couldn't warm up by swimming. I'm not worried about hypothermia at this temperature. I'm also not worried my wetsuit won't be dry by tomorrow because it's already dry.

After swimming, we went back to the house and I finished packing my bags and then we went back to Tempe Beach Park and I racked my bike, covered the seat and handlebars (it was supposed to rain tonight) and turned in my transition bags. I also forced my daughter to make me a sign for the run course. She got the last one in! She also painted her nails with an M-dot and with IMAZ on one hand and 2010 on the other. (She did that before she got here.)

I also got my final ART session and had the ART guy tape me up (since my attempt hadn't lasted very long). He has tape all over my calf. Too bad no one will see it as I'm going to wear compression sleeves during the race. I know they only really are supposed to help with recovery, but I've found that the sleeve makes my calf feel better and it also helps support it. So along with the tape, I hope to minimize stress on the calf so I can get through the run without too much pain. Plus, they are a bit hot and it's supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow so the sleeves will help with that.

Speaking of ART, I've managed to get most of my hurting parts to stop hurting! I figured out that all the pain in my back and hips was caused by tight hip flexers and so I took some muscle relaxers and the relief was almost instant. I wish I'd figured this out before I turned in my bags as I now want to put it in my Spibelt. (Which is not my Spibelt, but my friend's. It's been through one IMAZ already on a gimpy body so it's supposed to help my gimpy body get to the finish line. Which is awesome. Plus, it holds EVERYTHING I want on the bike and run. Double awesome.)

After my ART, we went back to the rental house and got ready for our BBQ. My friend, Cee, came over with some of our mutual friends and they all took Team Mac shirts. They are going to put "and CZ" under "Team Mac". I think it's great. It will be so much easier for people to find each other and for me to see them on the course this way.

Then I finished filling the last bottles, put the right bottles in the freezer (and some of the wrong ones, too, but I caught that before they got too frozen) and had a Snickers. (That's going to be my Bike Special Needs snack. And maybe my Run Special Needs snack too.)

Now I'm just waiting for my son to show up and for it to be bedtime. I guess I could go to bed now but I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep and, anyway, it's too early for that.

The next time I post, I hope to be an Ironman!
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