Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heavy Strength and Benefiber

I can tell it's race week because yesterday I did a heavy strength routine and today I didn't put Benefiber in my morning protein shake. I'll still have fruit and veggies today but I'll start to cut way down on them tomorrow.

I'm excited, but also nervous. Yesterday was quite, shall we say, fraught?

It started when I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up staying up quite late trying to get stuff ready for my trip to Arizona and then the pain started. Whatever is going on in my hip and back gets worse when I lay down or sit. So I just couldn't get comfortable and I couldn't fall asleep.

At one point I got up and was doing stuff on the computer. I try not to do that because it just makes insomnia worse but sitting at my computer didn't hurt as much as lying down and I figured, if I couldn't get some sleep, at least I'd get work done. I was reading my email at 3 am and saw I'd gotten a document I'd been waiting for. I was reading the edits and I kind of flipped out. (For reasons I won't go into in public.)

When the alarm went off at 6:25, I figured I had actually fallen asleep for an hour but that's about it. I called into my 8 am meeting. (Yeah, I have an 8 am meeting every Monday. Sigh.) Then I drove to my PT appointment. That's when the real trouble started.

I was in SO MUCH PAIN. Real pain. Not childbirth pain, but the kind of pain that caused me to drop out of Big Kahuna. As I drove and wiggled around trying to ease up on the hurty bits, I got a bit emotional. The edits I didn't like, the fact that I'm not as packed as I wanted to be by now and that my Monday and Tues. are completely overscheduled was mixed in with the "I won't be able to race with this kind of pain" and "What did I ever do to the universe to deserve this?" thoughts. I actually started to cry.

I hate to cry and I especially hate to do it in the car. I'm convinced some cop will pull me over and give me a ticket for dangerous driving on top of whatever it is I'm upset about. I got a grip on myself before I got to PT, thank goodness.

Whereupon, Garret dug his elbow into my back and side for a bit, put some heat on it and everything was fine. Or close enough. He said the hip issues are coming from the back. I do have some soft tissue "stuff" going on there and have had it for years now. It comes and goes and right now it's back, just in time to ruin my race. The pissy part is that I haven't been doing dumb stuff to aggrevate it. If I had done something dumb, I could at least be mad at myself instead of being mad at [nameless something].

Once I got to work and started working with the edited document, I realized I'd misunderstood some things and about half the stuff that made me mad wasn't what I thought and the rest I would be able to deal with once we start using our new project management tool.

I tried not to aggrevate things during my heavy lifting session after lunch. It was a fun session. My coach has a mobile lifting lab in the back of his car. We met near a recreational trail in the Shoreline area that I could walk to from work.

After doing back presses and deadlifts and such for a while, I did feel the back, but not in any way that should last. I only deadlifted 95 lb. this time. I hope that doesn't mean I'm not as strong as I was in late-April when I deadlifted 114. I suspect it doesn't, but it's one more thing to obsess over.

Back at work, I had to sit in a 1.5 hour meeting on a plastic chair. Not only did the pain start up again, but I was late to my ART meeting. I really hate being late. This made my session go over so I was late to N's birthday party. I was just going to check in to say Hi and Bye to everyone before I left for Tempe, but I ended up staying past nine. Then, when I got home, there was so much to do, but I watched How I Met Your Mother while icing every spot on my body that even twitched and then took some sleeping pills and some Aleve and went to bed.

I worried a bit during the ART that it was going to counter-act my heavy strength session. The purpose of this session is to spike my HGH and it's a really cool trick when it works. My arms are sore this morning so I am hopeful. The legs aren't and I'm not sure what to make of that.

Today I got up not as tired as yesterday and packed the non-race clothes and got some piles organized. I feel a bit better about that. I still have to finish packing and also finish m "Spectator's Guide" that I'm sending to my "entourage" (i.e, the people who are going to IMAZ as spectators.)

It is Tech Forum day at work and I'm supposed to do a presentation. I am also supposed to attend other presentations but this is what is in my brain:


There just isn't room for: HTML5, Selenium, Myth of PPI, Agile Architecture, CSS3, Android app development, etc., etc. I did "attend" the keynote talk (boring to be honest) from my desk. But I am spending session 1 getting caught up on work and session 2 going over my presentation with my co-presenter.
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