Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week Three: It's an A.R.T.

This week I started getting A.R.T. During my evaluation, we found lots of parts on my left side that hurt, more parts than I expected. Lots of runners get something called "IT Band Syndrome." I was convinced I didn't have it because I don't have the normal symptoms but my IT Band is really tender and I do get knee pain when I run; I thought it was from my calf injury, but maybe not. Apparently I need to foam roll more than I do. Blech, I hate to foam roll.

The first session was a bit rough. But I definitely felt like I was moving better after. The second session didn't hurt as much, but it was enough that I didn't workout on Friday.

This was a big biking week. I biked on Monday, a long ride that was supposed to be 70-ish miles but turned into 53 due to gastric distress and sunset. So Saturday I decided to really bike 70 miles. Only I misremembered how many miles my route was and couldn't check while I completed it due to a dead Garmin. (I forgot to charge it. Oops.) My route only ended up being 67.72 miles, so slightly short. But my total mileage for the week was 120.7 and that was encouraging.

I went out with the same friend I biked with on Monday and another friend. Their goals were less ambitious than mine so we stayed together for most of the first loop, but they turned off at Arastadero while I kept going to the end of Alpine. This gave me an "out-and-back" route that mimics IMAZ's bike route to some extent in terms of length and elevation profile. My version is a bit shorter and a bit harder of a climb, but I think it's the best I'm going to be able to do around here.

Anyway, just like last time, I ended up with gastric distress! Now, I'd been feeling queasy off and on since Monday every time I ate. I made sure to have probiotics but I don't think they helped. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if you can have too much of a good thing because I think I've been having more issue since I started taking them, not less.

This means it might not have been the Ironman Perform drink that did it to me. I certain didn't have any on Saturday! I wonder how I can figure this out without making myself sick?

Unfortunately, this time I was nowhere near a bathroom. So I just stopped and figured I deal with it behind a bush. But the side of the road immediately dropped off so I had nowhere to go. I ended up squatting behind a guard rail. Of course, two people came jogging by! I don't think they could see anything, but I think it was pretty clear what I was doing. Not only that, but one of them started TALKING TO ME. He was going on about my bike. Um, dude. I appreciate the Gios love but I'm TRYING TO HAVE SOME PRIVACY HERE. Good grief.

The good news is that I was able to complete two whole loops this time and also I was able to negative split the second loop! I got a lot of good info about how to pace myself during the race, too. Since that was the entire purpose of this particular ride, I felt pretty good about it.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I did this weekend. I tried to go for a run today but the calf wasn't having any of it. I lasted less than a mile. After, my back actually hurt less so that's something, I guess. I think, if I'd taken it easy, I could have warmed up the calf a bit and run some more, but I didn't want to chance it.

This week I get A.R.T. three times and regular PT one time. I was also supposed to get some acupuncture, but I really can't be taking that much time off work. Maybe next week I can fit it in. The big workout this week is going to be a Half-Ironman simulation. My friend who is doing IMAZ with me is supposed to do one this week and I need to do at least one more OWS and I want to do one more long-ish bike ride. I'm not going to run 13.1 miles though. She's on her own for that part! After that, we taper!
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