Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week Six: Swim, Run, Bike

I know it's supposed to be swim, bike, run, but it's been a crazy, mixed up week and that includes my workouts today.

Last week ended with me doing a hill interval workout on the bike that caused me to tweak my calf. I had iced it and was hoping for the best. Unfortunately, it looks like I had hurt it more than I wanted to admit.

Monday was the first day of a new class - Core Chaos! (I pronounce it as: Cooooore CHAOS!) But it was more like Crossfit. I loved it! I was careful of my calf though. I cut back on some of the kettle bell swings and used a lighter weight. I could still feel some tugs though.

On Tuesday I was feeling sore enough that I didn't go to spin class in the AM. Then, I saw my PCP and had a cyst removed. I've had this cyst for a couple of years now and it got smaller as I lost weight, but it never went away totally. I don't know why I got this bug to take care of it now, this week, but I did. Except now I've got these stitches in my side. It's only then that I start to think, hey, will getting this spot cut out affect my workouts? Turns out the answer is that I can't swim for a week. Damn.

Okay, time to go water running. Oh, right. I can't. But I can got to spin class at the same gym. It's harder than the one I missed, but I can go easy if I have to. And I did have to. The sprints were aggravating my calf so I had to slow down.

Then on Wednesday I couldn't swim so I did more Core Chaos! It wasn't the Crossfit version, but it was still fun. My glutes are weak and we do a lot of glute work so that's good at least.

Thursday is running in the AM, but I had PT. Then it's supposed to be Crossfit in the Park in the evening, but I was in Fremont with a dentist appointment so getting back to Campbell in time for it was likely. Plus, my calf was really bothering me.

I figured I'd run on Friday instead but I still hurt then. Saturday, I met friends in Apple Hill. So now I can't do my long bike ride. I did walk between the different farms to try to make up for it. I'm not sure how much that helped, but it's got to be better than nothing.

So now it's Sunday and I'm supposed to meet my tri club at Lake Del Valle for an Open Water Swim and maybe a run after. But at this point I'm missing a water running session, a swim workout, a run and a long bike ride. Plus my calf, my back and my hip are all sore. I thought about doing a bike ride after the swim, but I got talked into a snort run. It was okay. I wasn't in pain, but I wasn't exactly pain-free either.

I only swam for an hour and at first I was questioning if I should even do that, but I had a good swim. Unfortunately, it also aggravated my back. I only ran for 30 min and that did tug at the calf a bit, but it was mostly okay. I stayed under 12 min miles and got to practice with my timer going off every min. That looks like it's going to work for IMAZ. The main question is how much can I push and for now long can I go before the calf is just shot.

Then I went home and tried to find a good bike ride to mimic the IMAZ course. I finally settled on my normal set off from home route. Plus some extra to add a short climb like there is on the course. It turned out the route was a bit short - it only took me 2:47 to do it and I really wanted to be out there for 3-4 hours. However, I got to battle really strong head winds mixed with swirly crosswinds and that's the sort of wind that I might have to deal with in the race. It was actually kid of fun.

In the end, my activity score for the week was higher than last week and over 100. So it wasn't as much of a waste as it seemed just yesterday. On the other hand, too much of my body hurts and my calf is still tweaked so I need to back off more just when I really need to push it into the next gear.

At this point, I have six weeks until IMAZ. The last two will be spent tapering. Normally, the next to last two would be spent doing workouts called "peak" but those are short but intense workouts and those are the ones that tend to aggravate my injury. So I think I'm going to skip them.

That leaves me four more weeks of real training. I'm hoping that will be enough. I'm hoping that doing strength training two to three times a week will help with speed and doing lots of LDS on the bike on will help with endurance. Then I'll just run enough to not hurt anything, but give me valuable experience with pacing and learning how ton push without running out of calf too soon. I may cut out the spin class since it tends to not be conductive to healing. My plan to start doing sprint intervals on my bike rides is out too. I tried some today and, just like in spin class, they hurt the calf.

It's probably not enough, but it will have to do.

In the meantime, other parts of my life are also discombobulated, but I can't talk about it just yet.
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