Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week Seven: Setbacks

This has not been a good week as far as IMAZ prep has been concerned. I missed workouts all week. Then I was stupid and tried to ride my bike two days in a row, both with hills. I hurt my calf again.

I actually feel a little better now than I did earlier today when I was having a hissy fit, slamming doors, and stomping around.

That's because I iced my calf and it seems fine now. I was afraid I had really hurt it this morning when I did some hill interval work. I should have known better than to do this kind of workout (a) at all given my injury and (b) after climbing Mount Hamilton the day before.

My legs just didn't have it in me. The first time I did the loop, I got up most of a very steep hill but got to a point where I was going so slow I almost fell over and gave up and got off the bike and walked the rest. Then, for the next hill, I got back on and managed to ride up it. But it was tough.

The next loop, I bailed on the hill about 2/3 of the way to where I'd stopped the first time and went back down. Then I decided I was being a wuss and tried it again. I was determined not to walk any of it this time. I tried it 3 more times each time bailing earlier than the time before.

Finally, I decided this was stupid. I would do my best and walk what I had to. I bailed pretty early and it was walking my bike up when I felt a twinge in my calf. Uh oh.

But on the third loop, I did okay. I did have to walk when I got to that one steep part. I hadn't planned to, but I was going so slowly that I started to fall over. I also had to switch back the next hill. But I made it up without walking!

I now know that I will fall over if I got slower than 2.5 mph. I guess that knowledge might come in handy some day. But I hope never to be going that slow ever again so I hope this qualifies as useless knowledge.

I had planned to go for a run right after my bike ride, but decided to wait a bit. I went home and waited quite a while, but apparently not long enough as I got 2:40 into my run and started experiencing sharp pains in my calf. For once, I was smart and I stopped running and walked home. I was in pain and I was scared. (This is when I had the hissy fit.)

So I sat on the couch with Mr. Mac and iced my calf (and my right calf for good measure as it was twinging a bit too). This must have done the trick as I feel fine now. I even went grocery shopping.

I was so sure I had done real damage and I was so pissed. I have been so careful and so conservative and not reckless at all. This is actually hard for me and I was going to have a cow if, after all that care, I managed to set myself back in any major way anyway.

This next week will tell the tale, but I am hopeful that I will have a better week than this past week. I am also going to be very careful and not push it. I am definitely not doing any more hill intervals between now and IMAZ. I don't need them for that race and they are not a smart thing to be doing.

I think I'll go back to mostly LSD and just add in the strength training to make up for the lack of tempo and speed work. That worked well last time and seem to be the safest in terms of not aggravating my injury or causing any new ones.

But my dream of being completely injury free by the day of the race is definitely fading.
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