Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More tests

I usually have a mammogram along with my annual physical and this time I had a pelvic ultrasound to with it. I am pretty sure I've had one of these before because I vaguely remember having to drink a boatload of water and then hold it in without peeing before.

This year it was much harder though. I finished my 40 oz.  at 2:13, two minutes early and then IMMEDIATELY had to pee. But my appointment wasn't until 3:15. I got there 20 min. early and hoped they'd take me early. I told the gal I had to pee and she acted like she understood. But apparently I wasn't clear as 10 min. later I was still in the lobby and REALLY had to pee. So I went back and told her again and it turns out she hadn't even let the technician know I was there.

I was furious, but I was afraid I'd pee my pants if I did anything out of the ordinary so I just gave her my "are you seriously that stupid" look and sat back down.

Five minutes later and I was back with the technician who promised to be fast. It was still escrutiating. Also, she asked me why my PCP had sent me in and I told her she felt a fibroid and then she said "oh, yeah, I see it now. In fact, there are two of them." and I'm thinking: WTF? Great.

She also told me that I had done great with the water and she could see everything. I got the strong impression that a lot of people were not quite so obedient when it came to the 40 oz. one hour before and I was thinking that I probably could have gotten away with 35 and not had to do the Potty Dance in the waiting room in front of that bemused Indian couple.

But then I finally got to pee and then it was time for part two.

Which was almost as bad as part one. I had a camera up my vagina! It was very disconcerting.

Then I got the mammogram and the other technician had to do one of the sides over and kept making these kind of distressed sounds like she didn't like what she was seeing and wasn't sure what to do. I hope that she was just bothered by the quality of the image. I did see what looked like a spot but then one the second image I saw another spot and this one was clearly a cursor. So I think the first one was too.

One cool thing though is that when I stepped up to the machine, she looked at me and then took off the plate and substitute a smaller one. First time that's happened.
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