Sunday, October 17, 2010

More lab results

I've got the rest of my B vitamin results back and all my Bs look good. So does my zinc and my selenium and whatever else I haven't posted about. My B12, which can be a problem post-op for some partial gastrectomy patients, is actually up quite a bit over last year and my folate is up as well.

So it's just my protein that's low. Dr. Mom doesn't think it's anything to worry about because my other labs are great. She suggested more bariatric-friendly supplements. I won't see Dr. Awesome until next week, but I'd be surprised if he says anything different.

MacBoy is also talking about taking supplements (his diet is horrible and he's underweight) so I guess I better get off my duff and order that iron from VitaLady.

What I find interesting is that everything I read about female endurance athletes says that anemia is a common problem. I don't really have any signs of anemia - my hemotocrit and hemoglobin are excellent - but that could change if my iron keeps dropping. I wonder if iron has been the issue all along. It's not clear to me how iron and protein interact.
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