Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week Ten: Countdown to Ironman AZ

It's ten weeks until my Ironman, so I've decided to start a weekly taking stock sort of post. Ideally, I'll do one every Sunday since that is the end of my workout week.

So where am I?

Swim: It's looking pretty good. I swam at least 3 miles today, maybe a little more at Del Valle. (My broken Garmin is at the factory so I don't know for sure.) I'm not 100% sure how long it took me either. I got out of the water at 11:40 and I went in at some point after 8:45. Which means I swam it well within my goal time even though I got lost.

Yes, I got lost in a narrow lake where you can see both sides of the shore for most of the way. My sense of direction and my sighting definitely need work. I'm also going to start doing tricep dips as my triceps are my weak link in my swim muscles.

Bike: to make my bike goal, I need to average 16 mph with stops. I did around 43 miles on Sat on a hillier course than the IMAZ course in around 14 mph. I have no idea how that translates to the AZ course. I do know that I kept up with the group for most of the ride! I lost them for a bit on Alpine, but caught up at Roberts and then a bunch of us rode back together and we all agreed we were not taking it easy like the fast guys were. (Okay, maybe French Al was taking it easy, but no one else.)

I decided to do Tabata Squats on days I don't run to help with my bike fitness as well and I've been doing a spin class for a few weeks and it all seems to be helping.

I also really need to start training more on a flatter course as being able to hammer on the flat is my big weakness right now. At least I've become very comfortable in my aero bars in a short amount of time.

Run: this remains the big question mark. I've been "running" in the pool and I'm up to 1.5 hours, but I have no idea how that translates to real running on the road. I've run on the street, on trails and the treadmill doing the X minutes run / Y minutes walk method and have gone from 10 minutes of running to 20 and being able to run longer than I walk. Which is good compared to where I was, but it also means I am at least a month behind schedule on this one. I wanted to be running for 30 min - in a row - by the end of August and an hour by the end of Sept. and clearly that isn't happening.

I will probably have to do run/walk at IMAZ, which I really don't want to do. I want to average a 12 minute mile pace, which I think I can do with 3 minutes of walking 10 minute miles followed by 1 minute of walking at a 16 min. mile pace. On the other hand, this run-walk thing really makes it hard to get into a rhythm so I'd really rather run for longer at slower pace.

I'm just going to have to keep working at it, see what happens and deal with it. My focus right now is on healing more than a particular time as IMAZ is going to be a miserable experience if I'm in pain for most of it. Luckily, that finally seems to be happening. It still hurts a bit to run and I still get "discomfort" doing this and that. But overall I can feel that the original tear is almost completely healed and the collateral damage seems to be well on its way to being healed as well.

Other: I'm back doing Crossfit now that the Thurs. night bike ride is over for the season and I can already see speed increases with only one session! I was worried that it would hurt my calf (because it did before), but so far that hasn't happened and I think my calf is strong enough now that it can take it.

Logistically everything is falling into place as well. We've got a deposit down on a rental house, Mr. Mac and MacBoy's airline tickets bought and my race plan is almost finalized. Now all we need is to get some damn water back into Tempe Town Lake and everything will be golden.
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