Monday, September 6, 2010

My long-time goals at 2 years out

I realized the other day that I had accomplished most of my goals that I had set for myself in the beginning of this journey and even the ones that I added on as I went alone. So I was ripe for a crazy new goal. That's where Goofy's Challenge and the Ultraman came from. Having these goals, which are very long-term, is really energizing me. Most of my other remaining goals are not 100% under my control so it's good to have goals that are completely under my control.

It was also exciting to see that, even though I've been injured all season, I will actually attain most of my season goals after all. I hadn't expected that. I guess that's why it's good to revisit your goals periodically. The memory isn't always accurate and I was sure I wasn't going to make most of them because I was focused on the running goals.

  1. (completed)Get off my BP meds
  2. (completed)Get rid of my plantar fasciitis once and for all
  3. (completed)Get rid of my GERD
  4. (completed)Go swimming with my daughter and stop making excuses every time she asks because I don't want to deal with appearing in a bathing suit in public
  5. (completed)Be at least a size 10, maybe smaller, and to shop in regular stores and not just the fat old lady department at Macys
  6. (completed)Get down to 175
  7. (completed)No longer be clinically obese
  8. (completed)Get down to 155
  9. (completed)Have a normal BMI
  10. (completed)Get down to 125 (possible goal weight?)
  11. (completed)Be in a true size 6
  12. (completed)Have a body fat percentage in the 18 - 22% range
  13. (completed)Get my resting pulse rate into the low 50s
  14. (completed)Walk 10,000 steps a day at least 4 days a week
  15. (completed)Complete a 5K
  16. (completed)Complete a Sprint Triathlon
  17. (completed)Complete a Sprint Triathlon in under 2:30
  18. (completed)Complete a Century Ride
  19. (completed)Complete a Half marathon
  20. (completed)Complete a Sprint Triathlon in under 1:30
  21. (completed)Complete a Half-ironman
  22. Complete an Ironman
  23. Complete a Double Century
  24. Complete Goofy's Challenge (Half-marathon on Sat; Full Marathon on Sun)
  25. Complete an Ultraman (6 mi swim, 90 & 170 mi bike, 52.4 mi run over 3 days)
  26. Get on the podium at a triathlon
  27. Qualify for Age Grouper Nationals
  28. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  29. Qualify for Kona
  30. Give my inner "skinny bitch" the body she deserves (going to need PS for this one)
  31. Have a "normal" relationship with food (ongoing, getting there)
  32. Get my personal life in order (yeah, that's kind of vague, but I know what I mean)
  33. Live into my 90s as one of those cantakerous little old ladies with 10x as much energy as the youngsters I run circles around (so far so good)
And here's where I stand with my goals for the season:
  1. Run a stand-alone mile in 7:30 minutes (not going to happen with the injury)
  2. (completed)Swim 1.2 miles in 45 minutes
  3. Be able to average 16-17 mph on the bike when the course is flat/fast (getting there)
  4. Be able to run for two hours at a time without a lot of gastro-intestinal issues, aches & pains
  5. (completed)Be able to bike for four hours without getting exhausted
  6. (completed)Swim an average of 2 times a week
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