Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life gets in the way of training

When people talk about real life getting in the way of training, it's usually things like family events taking place over the weekend or having to stay late at work. I went through a bit of that in the summer when I was on a crazy project where I had no life. I finally had to start doing my workouts anyway because I was more productive if I took off an hour or two and then came back to work fresh.

But yesterday I had a very unexpected thing happen. Just as I was about to leave to go to my gym to do my weekly water running, I got a text from Mr. Mac. It seemed that right when he got to the school to pick up Mini-Mac, he heard tires squealing and someone screaming. He ran down to check (along with a staff member who also heard the commotion and came out to check on it) and it was Mini-Mac standing on the median strip screaming "Oh my god" over and over and one of her school friends lying by the side of the road bleeding.

It seems the friend was trying to cross the road and got hit by a car! She was hurt badly enough that they strapped her on a board and life-flighted her to the local Children's hospital. Mini-Mac was very upset, but so was Mr. Mac. I can just imagine.

I told them to get calm enough to drive safely and I'd come right home to meet them. I couldn't imagine working out worrying about Mini-Mac and I also I just wanted to hold her and squeeze her tight because I was so glad she wasn't dead.

This intersection has a crosswalk but the cars don't always stop. In fact, Mini-Mac did get hit by a car in that same intersection last year, but not very seriously. She just had bruises and didn't even go to the doctor, let alone a hospital. But ever since then she uses the intersection one block down with the traffic light to cross that street. Except for when they make a quick trip to the gas station for snacks. Which is what they were doing yesterday, apparently.

Anyway, I am lying about not imagining working out. I fretted about it as I drove home in between worrying about Mini-Mac. It's just how I cope with stress, I guess. I decided to do a short run in the evening (1) once it cooled down to under 80 and (2) once Mini-Mac was in bed. It was a crappy workout though as I was still too sore from SCT to really run very fast. Water running would have been a perfect workout as it would have loosened me up and also it would be great to be in the pool while it was so hot. But I did "run" a 5k with minimal discomfort. Probably because I was going so slow.

At least I have a two-hour pool workout scheduled today. Though I admit that part of me doesn't want to do it because I want to squeeze my little girl some more and reassure myself she's okay.

This kind of stuff really brings home what is important in life. And it's not shaving five minutes off my 2.4 swim time.
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