Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aqua Jogging is Da Bomb

I have been meaning to try this: running in the pool, but I wasn't quite sure how to do it. But I borrowed the required floatation belt on Monday and I know I must get back to running so yesterday I made myself do it. I told myself it was my "do something every day that scares you" for Tuesday.

Well, it was just awesome.

First, it turned out to be dead easy to do. I was afraid I would be floating and sinking all over the place or "running" all bent over like some people I saw in a video on aqua jogging. But it was pretty easy to have good form and to keep my head above water.

Second, it really is like running especially if you remember to keep your heels down rather than run like your feet are flippers.

Third, it wasn't that hard but it was obviously a good workout. I thought I might be able to go for 10 minutes so my plan was to do three 10 minute sets. But I was able to go for 30 minutes pretty easily and even getting to 45 wasn't too bad. I pushed myself to do an hour but the last five minutes were kind of brutal. But I was happy because I think if I can do for 45-60 min. in the pool, that I should be able to do 30 min. on the road once I get back to road running. I was worried I'd have to start with 10 min. and it would take me until my Ironman to even do an hour.

Finally, I really enjoyed the exercise. I enjoyed it so much that I am thinking about doing all my "long" runs in the pool even after my calf is completely healed. I think that will serve me well in letting me work on my running "engine" without beating the crap out of my body.

I can't wait to do it again!
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