Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting my mojo back

I've kind of been in a funk lately. I was pretty excited after Wildflower because I was happy with my performance. I figured all I had to do was take it easy for a month and my calf would heal up and I'd be golden for Barb's Race.

Except, it's a month later and my calf is still acting up. Now, it's much, much better than it had been. I can't feel the bad spot any more and I only have discomfort when I push myself too hard (like all the walking I did at FanimeCon) and my muscles aren't nearly as tight as they were before.

But I still can't run and my experience with the elliptical was frustrating as well -- I think I hurt myself more on that than I did running but with no symptoms at the time to tell me when to stop. Ugh.

I've been debating what to do about Barb's Race and also stressing out big time about IMAZ. I feel like time is slipping away and I'm not any more prepared than I was a month ago. I was thinking maybe I'd do Barb's Race as a relay so I could swim and bike but not run. But that wasn't exciting me. I could do that today with no further preparation as I've already done a Half-ironman on a much more challenging course.

So I had no motivation to train and was starting to slack off on that as well.

Then I got this great idea: Do the Full Vineman AquaBike instead! This way, I have to train. I am up to 1.5 mile open water swims, but the Full AquaBike is 2.4. So I need to do some more work to both survive it and finish in 1.5 hours. Then, if I want to make the cutoffs, I need to get faster on the bike. I've done a Century ride but never after swimming 2.4 miles so it's a new challenge.

Plus, if I do this, I'll be closer to my goals for IMAZ as I will have experienced doing the first two phases of an Ironman already and then I'll have 3.5 months afterwards to train up my run. With two more months of taking it easy on the running and then 3.5 months to really work on the run, I should be fine.

Suddenly, I'm excited to train again!

This is good because I was going through another pissy period and driving myself crazy with my doubts and second guessing myself.

P.S. Well darn, the Full AquaBike is SOLD OUT! I swear it wasn't the last time I checked. I better get myself onto the Wait List pronto.
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