Friday, May 7, 2010

Rehab month

My June race fell through and I haven't actually put down the money for Barb's Race in late July so my PT said to stop training for races and start concentrating on healing up my calf. Sounds good to me!

I keep worrying that I'll lose all my fitness and not be ready for my big races if I don't train. So I've been trying to "train smart" and do what I can without aggravating my calf. But I know I keep going overboard, especially with the running.

This month I am supposed to take it easy, only run to discomfort, not failure, and don't do anything else that hurts my calf. It sounds like a good month to work on my swim stroke and take easy bike rides. I did that in Dec. and it really helped with the calf.

Of course, this means my #1 position on the Trips for Kids/Synchros leader board is in jeopardy for May. I think somehow I'll manage.
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