Thursday, May 27, 2010

Elliptical - I don't get it

I had tried an Elliptical once before and hadn't liked it. But I had this idea that it would make a good substitute for running. So I tried again on Tuesday.

I still don't like the Elliptical.

I talked to the gal who manages our gym at work about it and she said they can be tough for shorties like me. I found my feet kept moving forward on the plates until the toes were smashed up against the front and I was sure I was going to fall off. I also couldn't deal with the arm pole thingies at all. They just jerked my arms around and I couldn't get them to move as far as they needed to either. My arms aren't long enough.

They are nothing like running to me either. I tried very hard to do "running" with POSE form. All I got was a sore right knee. They really put you in a heel strike position and I think it's a bad idea to practice that.

But I was able to go 2.25 miles with only mild discomfort in my calf near the end. So I was thinking I'd give it another shot. Until I woke up sore and stiff on Tues. and am still in pain on Wed. So it didn't hurt my calf directly at the time, but it hurt my calf indirectly. Just as much as running, if not more.

No more elliptical for me! I'll have to think of something else, I guess.

In the meantime, I didn't swim yesterday due to my monthly support meeting and I didn't bike today even though I brought my bike (and my trainer in case it rained) all the way across the bay. I had to stay at work and get something done before I could leave.

Plus, it's my 21 year anniversary today so even though we're doing the date thing on Sunday, I wanted to spend some time with Mr. Mac on the actual anniversary day.
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