Thursday, May 13, 2010


We all need some. Okay, maybe I shouldn't overgeneralize. I need it.

I mostly get it from logging my food at My Fitness Pal. Some people like something a bit more public ... like posting what they eat every day on a message board or on their blog. I consider blogging my food to be too boring to read and logging on a bunch of web sites too much work. I've already got three places I log my exercise and three places I log my weight on Mondays. God forbid I end up with several places I log my food as well!

Last week, I went through a period where I didn't want to log my food. Now, I don't always log as it is. I won't do it if I'm at of town and have poor access to the internet. I figure doing it in those cases is a bit obsessive. I do write down what I eat though. Sometimes, when I get back home, I'll log it after the fact, but a lot of times I won't bother.

But this was different.

This was more: I want very much to eat a bunch of crap and I don't want any permanent record. It started on a Saturday when I was eating too many carbs and not enough protein. Instead of starting the day with a shake, I started it with Kay's Naturals Cereal and Soy Milk. It went downhill from there. Turkish Pistachio Gelato may have been involved as well.

But I didn't tell myself: you want to cheat without a record. I told myself all these logical things like: you can't log your food forever so you might as well start letting go now. Another one was: You need to start eating from internal cues and not what some web site says.

Sometimes I'm tricky like that. I can be very convincing, too.

Eventually I did make myself at least write everything down. Trying to remember what you ate two days later is hard though. I found myself remembering stuff I'd forgotten for a few days. Now I understand those studies that say people who don't log their food consistently underestimate what they've eaten!

In the end, I even logged it. The world didn't end either.
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