Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NUT consult

I promised my PCP that I'd see my NUT about my low protein so today I called her and we had a consult over the phone. The first thing she said was that I need my albumin number as that's a more accurate indication of my protein status. Told you!

Anyway, I'm going to make some tweaks to my diet. Less nuts -- apparently not only do they have very little protein but it's not very bioavailable -- and more eggs. Guess I have to stop being so lazy and make more hard-boiled eggs!

Plus there are some new recipes for egg bites I've been meaning to try, but just haven't had time.

I'm also going to drink a protein drink in the afternoon. Hopefully that will allow me to overcome my protein bar addiction. (I keep saying I don't want to eat so many protein bars but then I keep buying them!)

I'm going to do this for a few months and get retested. I'll keep you posted.
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