Monday, April 26, 2010

114 :-)

That's what my scale said on Saturday. Or was it Friday? Anyway, since I posted a whining, complaining post about getting up to 119 in the winter, I figured I better post that I'm back down. I pretty much expected this to happen but I wasn't 100% sure as being able to maintain without a struggle is still pretty new to me. (Hence the winter angst.)

I'm trying to gain muscle right now and actually don't really want the scale to be going down. My goal was to lose 3-5 lb. of fat and replace it with 3-5 lb. of muscle. I'm losing the fat, but the muscle gain has been smaller than I'd like. I'm trying to eat more to combat that and, so far, it's been HARD. Now that's a shock.

I think I might be burning more in exercise than I'm giving myself credit for. (I don't know my VO2 Max so I am just guessing based on my running times -- which are artificially depressed due to my injury.) So I've decide to just eat when I'm hungry and only really watch the protein to make sure it's okay.

I'm still logging everything, but I'm not going to stress out if my log says I only burned 1800 calories but I eat 2000. I've been doing that for two weeks now and I'm still getting smaller so at least I know I'm not eating too much.

I figure I'll give it a month or two and see what my weight ends up being if I just eat to hunger and not to numbers. I couldn't do it last summer because my hunger was clearly less than my caloric needs but now they seem to be more evenly matched. Though I also was still very much in the "eat as little as you can get away with and still have adequate energy" mindset so maybe I wasn't truly eating to my hunger.

Now my  mindset is: fuel equal performance! It's a completely different place and approach to food than I've had up until now.

Oh, and speaking of 114 -- that's what I dead lifted today. So I can dead lift myself. I find that impressively ironic. I think my next goal should be to dead lift the old me. It's going to take a while though. I may need an intermediary goal. How about being able to dead lift my coach?
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