Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swim, glorious swim

Today I felt like a fish. I felt like I was just ripping through the water and also that the pool had mysteriously gotten shorter than last week. I love it when everything comes together like that. Especially since I was extremely UNmotivated to go to swimming this week.

Not only was it cold out, but it was supposed to be raining. I also couldn't remember if this was the week the schedule changed so I came for the 6:30 pm start time just in case. Naturally, it was the week where I had a choice between 6 pm and 7 pm so I was either very late for the 6 pm or extremely early for the 7 pm.

I decided to hang out in the locker room until 6:45 and then come out early and swim some warm-up laps. (I didn't think I'd last if I start swimming them at 6:30.) Because of that, I was able to get in 450 yards in warm-up and then the full 2100 yards I can get in during the official swim hour. (Okay, my "hour" has 65 minutes in it. For now...)

Plus, the rain held off until we were done -- just some sprinkles when I came out of the locker room and the skies didn't open up until I was five minutes from home.

So, once again, I managed to swim longer than I'd ever swam before for the third week in a row. If this keeps up, I'll actually get to the 2800-2900 yards in a hour that I'm aiming for. (I figure, if I can swim that many yards in an hour, I'll be able to do the 2.4 miles of my Ironman in 1.5 hours and that's my goal.)

Now, watch, next week I'll have one of those "I can't remember how to swim" weeks. But, even if I do, I had this week to be a fish and I intend to enjoy it while I can and hopefully the memory of it will stay in my body so I can keep repeating it.
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