Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, According to my sleeve

People liked my "what I can eat" post so much and found it helpful so I decided to copy my friend Eggface and do a day in my life with regards to eating. Since this is just the eating part of my day, I figured maybe my sleeve could explain it better than I can. Take it away Sleeve!

This is a typical breakfast -- a protein shake made with an extra scoop of powder and Benefiber. My human, MacMadame, makes it up at the last possible second before heading out the door and forces most of it into me in the car on the way to work. Sometimes I rebel and make her queasy, but today she took her time and finished the shake once she got into work. She really ought to feed me as soon as she gets up though instead of wasting time on Facebook, though.

Most days I get hungry again around 11 am which MacMadame says is too soon for lunch and too late for a morning snack. I tell her that I'm hungry, but she just shoves tea down me until lunch time. I survive.

Today she fed me leftovers from Panda Express. for lunch. This is the mushroom chicken. It heats up well and stays moist. I prefer moist chicken and I love veggies so I was happy.

But it wasn't enough food. So MacMadame tried to finish off lunch with a banana. I got full before she could finish it, though, so she ate half with lunch and half later.

MacMadame also puts a lot of fluid into me. At a minimum, she drinks that entire 24 oz. bottle of water and at least one of those big mugs of decaf tea every day. This part gets spread throughout the day and keeps me from getting too thirsty. I approve.

Around 3pm is afternoon snack time. I don't quite understand the fascination that baby carrots have for my human, but she puts 8-12 into me every afternoon. Personally, I find the carrots fill me up too fast and have too few calories. So 20 min. later she's putting something else into me, usually nuts. I like the nuts better as they are filling and don't stuff me like those silly carrots do.

Anyway, Monday is when MacMadame has a late workout night. I don't think she plans for this well as she usually feeds me more snack food at what should be dinner time. But cottage cheese with pineapple is a big favorite so I guess I shouldn't complain. On the other hand, because of the nuts and the carrots, it didn't fit in me that well today and she had to throw some out. Rip off! I wanted those last 3 bites!

So I showed her. I got the brain to send the "not enough calories" signal and she had to give me a Clif Builder bar. Ha! It was yummy but, again, too much on top of the cottage cheese. But this time she ate it all anyway. I thought about giving her the foamies but, honestly, protein bars don't work well for that so I just made her slightly uncomfortable. (MacMadame says protein bars are a slider food, whatever that means.)

I'll be very glad when these Monday night workouts are over and she goes back to a regular afternoon snack and a regular dinner.

After working out, I was given Fluid Recovery drink. MacMadame's muscles were very happy, but I would have preferred a Cosmo.

When she got home, her brain took stock and informed her that she was severely under her calories for the day. So I got a real dinner after all.

The chicken was leftover from some chicken fajitas we had for dinner the night before. The beans were from the dinner Mr. Mac made for himself and the broccoli was from the Panda Express leftovers. It sounds kind of hodge podge, but it was really pretty yummy.

Later on, she measured out 1 oz. of nuts. Yes, that's a postal scale. Sometimes my human is a bit weird and compulsive, if you ask me. Maybe that's why she fed me nuts. (Nuts from a nut. Get it. That's Sleeve Humor!)

Finally, she ended the day the way she end most days -- with HeathSmart Protein Hot Chocolate in her Han Solo mug. She thinks Han Solo is hot. I think the drink is hot. Too hot, really, so I sent her some signals to take it slowly, which she listened to for once.

Then we went to bed.

So that was my day, yesterday, from the point of view of my sleeve. Looking it over now, I can see that I need to get back into my triathlon season eating habits. I'm not eating enough in the mornings so the afternoon and evening turns into a big graze-fest trying to get all my calories in. I think I may go back to putting the banana into the protein shake and having a morning snack and later lunch and see if that helps. I'm not giving up my baby carrots though -- I need the veggies!
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