Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Open Water Swim of the season

Okay, I now feel like the triathlon season has officially started since I just did my first Open Water Swim.

I'd forgotten how much I love to swim in open water. I mean, I know I love it, but it felt good to feel it and how it's just so much more exhilarating than the pool. (Plus -- no turns!) It was even better than I remembered.

I tagged along to the NTTS (my club's New to the Sport program) workout since my main OWS partner won't come out until the water hits the 60s. This was my first OWS of the season and also EVER last year. I didn't do too badly last year, but I was so much slower than the good athletes. This year, I was right up there with the strong beginner swimmers. It's nice to see progress.

I felt strong too. But it was a bit hard to breathe in the suit and the cold. Nothing like last year, when I was worried I wouldn't survive at points, but I could still feel it. I'm glad I got out there early instead of waiting until the next club-sponsored OWS. Getting that first "ohmigodit'sfreakingcoldinhere" experience out of the way is important. Now I can concentrate on time and technique.

Speaking of technique, I practiced my "it's salt water so don't kick a lot" strategy and it worked great. I only had to stop twice to sight -- the rest I did while stroking. So it looks like I haven't forgotten everything I learned last year after all. Yes, that was a slight fear of mine.

I can't wait to do it again! The next club swim is April 10th. I'm not sure I can wait that long. I'm crossing my fingers that the water warms up fast now so I can start going up to Del Valle most weekends.
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