Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Rules of "Normal" Eating

I've decided that 2010 is my year to work on my relationship with food. Okay, this is something I am always working on. I did a lot of work in the last few years leading up to my surgery and I thought that I was pretty much there. But now that I have my ghrelin under control, I can see I still have more work to do.

So I did what I do whatever I want to learn something new. I bought a book!

It's called "The Rules of 'Normal' Eating by Karen Koenig, a pyschotherapist who specializes in eating issues. (Her web sites are and

I'm only about half way done, but I really like this book. Unlike "The Food and Feelings Book", also by Karen Koenig, which bored me to tears. I never got past the first two chapters in that one! It's not that it wasn't a good book. It's just that it became very clear to me that I'm not really an emotional eater. I just couldn't relate to most of what she wrote about. On the other hand, an exercise in this book about head hunger vs. real hunger made it worth the entire price.

In the beginning, of The Rules of Normal Eating, Dr. Koenig describes learning to be a "normal" eater (and, yes, the quote are on purpose) is like learning a second language. You may get very good at it, even fluent, but you'll probably always have to work a little harder (compared to your first language) and you  may always speak with a slight accent.

I can live with that.

Because this book is so good, I'm going to write a series of entries about it as I work my way through it. Hopefully this will reinforce some of the concepts.
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