Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ran 4 miles!

Okay, I didn't run it all at once. But I also did three 1000m and one 1200 m runs. Up until now, the best I have been able to do was 800 m at a time and 3 miles total.

My friend Medicine Boy was right ... I had plateaued because I stopped running more than one time a week. This week I ran two times and I'm back to making progress. I also figured out that I can go farther if I slow down. The Track workout today was at R and I pace but I held it to T pace and had much better results. It was tempting to do the 3 x 200 at a faster pace but I stopped myself and that turned out to be smart as I'm much better shape after this week's Track workout than I have been in a long time.

I'm also icing my leg, which  I've been lazy about, especially after I broke all the ice packs, one by one. I guess ice packs designed to keep food cold aren't really designed to ice legs.

I'm going to wear my RockIt tape tomorrow and see if that helps. It seems to help when I first put it on but I'm not 100% convinced it does anything long term. But, hey, I won a roll at the SVTC Open House so I might as well experiment with it.
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