Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My new sponsors

Way back when I first joined Loopd (now Hookit.com), I applied for a sponsorship with The Sock Guy. This was a no brainer for me because I love socks. Whenever I do an event, if there is a commemorative sock,  I buy it. I do the same thing on vacations and special occasions. My sock drawer is stuffed and that doesn't include my workout and racing socks, which are in another drawer.

Today, I got the notice that I'd been accepted onto the "Silver" team and my discount code to buy some socks. Woot, woot!

I love Sock Guy socks and I can't wait to get me some new ones. They make custom socks too and I was thinking it might be fun to have a Team MacMadame sock that my friend and family could wear when they go to my races. I'll have to think about that because I had been thinking "t-shirt". Maybe I could do both.
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