Sunday, January 31, 2010

Setting limits

I've been working at lot this past month. (We have a big deadline on Monday. I was at work when I started this even though it's a Sunday.) I had to miss some workouts due to work, too. This did not make me happy. I know it's the nature of my industry (software development) to have these period of craziness as a deadline approaches. But what I have learned over the years is that the job will take as much as you are willing to give it and it is often a stingy lover that doesn't give much back.

I also have my family that I need to pay attention to and I have my Ironman that I'm training for. Those are important too -- dare I say out loud and in public, more important than whether or not some version of some yet to be announced product has ten new features instead of nine? Well, I've said it and it may come back to haunt me, but so be it.

So I have decided to set some limits so I don't go insane this season or suffer another injury. Here are my rules for 2010:

-Get home by 10 pm and go to bed by midnight every night no matter what is left undone

-Do my scheduled workouts unless something with a definite time deadline comes up (i.e., "this needs to be done by 10am tomorrow" not "we're behind schedule"). If I have to come back to work afterwards, that's okay, but I'm still going to leave and do them

-No regular morning workouts that require getting up before 7:30 am so that I get my full 7.5 hours of sleep a night. An occasional early morning workout is okay, but regular ones just took too much out of me last season.

If I can get this going, I'll start making bedtime earlier so I can get up earlier, but I'm still working on getting to bed by midnight so it's too soon to think about the 10:00 pm bedtime that I tried for last year and failed at achieving. Plus, I am so not a morning person and I think it's time to stop trying to be one.
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