Thursday, January 21, 2010

Regain? Settling in? Off-season?

So I've been struggling with trying not to gain weight during the off season which is also corresponds to what I refer to as "The Eating Season" a.k.a. The Holidays. I wasn't entirely successful and it's been stressing me out.

I ended up about three pounds, but what bothers me the most is that my muscle mass has gone down and my fat percentage has gone up. I know this is from lack of exercise due to my injury and I can't really help it, but it's still frustrating. Plus, to be honest, even if I wasn't injured, I definitely would have cut back a bit ... I needed the break.

The whole muscle mass/fat percentage thing caused some of my pants to get a bit tight too. Even though I was in the 117-118 range and I used to go there one week out of every month and my pants fit fine.

But I've been getting back into working out now that my injury is on the mend and, after only two weeks of more workouts, my clothes fit fine and I feel good and look good. I've started to lose the three pounds as well. So it really wasn't the beginning of the end like I worry every time the scale registers a slightly higher weight than what my mental idea of what my weight should be is.

Another good thing is that I also went up and then immediately held steady rather than in the past when I'd lose a lot of weight, get down slightly below my original goal, go to maintenance and immediately start going up. I didn't have that desperate feeling of dispair knowing that regain was inevitable because, no matter what I ate, I was still hungry.

Plus, if a guy like Chris Lieto goes up five pounds during the off-season, why am I fussing about three pounds? But ... here we go again ... you don't gain 20 pounds by waking up one day up 20 pounds. You gain it three pounds here and three pounds there.

Yeah, I am a bit on a roller coaster ride here. I'm trying to take this seriously enough, but not too seriously. And having trouble striking a comfortable middle ground.

The whole experience has shown me that my relationship with food is not as good as it could be. I got "The Rules of 'Normal' Eating" for Christmas and I think it's really going to help -- the few pages I've read so far have been great.
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