Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fluid - My first sponsor

I'm so excited because I am now a Fluid Silver Elite team member!

We had a presentation at my triathlon club on how to get sponsorships. One way is to sign up on Loopd.com so I did that and got a bunch of offers from Boarder/Skater companies whose stuff I'd never used. (Can you picture me in hot pants and $150 sunglasses? Hee.)

But then I got an offer from Fluid, a company I know and even use their products! How cool is that?

I like the guys at Fluid. They are pretty cool and support the community. They also sponsor my triathlon club and some of our members.

But the important thing is that their product has great nutritional stats. It's not full of artificial crap or sugar. The ingredient list is small, too. I like that because I try not to eat a lot of processed stuff. (I save my processed stuff calories for froyo.)

Fluid is a recovery drink. I also like to consume sports drinks with some protein on the bike. So I use it there too. I like the Berry Treasure flavor. They have some sort of citrus flavor, but I don't do citrus. (I haven't found a single brand of sports drink whose citrus flavor didn't make me want to barf. But citrus is very popular so to each their own.) They've got some other flavors that I'm looking forward to trying as well.

One thing that is interesting about this product is that it tastes better the more you work out. In fact, sometimes it's not that good if I just drink it without working out. But it's awesome once I've sweated a bit. Lots of sports drinks work the other way. As you workout more, they breakdown and get unpalatable so you don't want to drink them and end up having trouble with your nutrition. A drink that tastes better as you go on is much better, at least for me, someone who has trouble drinking a lot on the bike.

So, that's my review. (As part of my sponsorship agreement, I need to write a review of the product.) Oh, and there are new blogger rules from the FTC so I have to tell you that the Fluid I drank for this review was some that I won in a raffle. Apparently, if I don't tell you that, I can get fined or arrested or something and I'd prefer for that not to happen.
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