Monday, January 4, 2010

An Eggface New Year

We used to have an Open House every year for the holidays, but since we moved into the new place -- remodeled to be perfect for entertaining -- we found ourselves not in a position to do that. So this year I decided to break the cycle and force ourselves to entertain.

But what to serve? I went to The World According to Eggface to find a few recipes and ended up making most of the food from ideas on her blog. We had her Pizza Meatloaf and I made some egg bites -- my own recipe, but I got the original idea for egg bites from her -- plus some homemade candy, some candied popcorn, a pine cone cheese ball and some antipasto skewers. Then I added in my usual protein muffins and cookies and figured out how to make a vegan blondie. Everything else was store-bought.

The party was a great success though two of the recipes didn't quite work out. I also tried the protein fudge but no one liked it. I think I did something wrong as it never actually "set" but was just a brown sludge.

I also had problems with the protein pie. First, the crust didn't really fill my 9x9 pan. The second layer was pretty thin too. So I put in all the pudding layer even though it was more than the recipe called for. I may not have made the second layer correctly either as it tasted a bit bitter, for some reason. Maybe my cream cheese was just off or maybe I didn't use the best flavor for the Sugar-Free Torani syrup.

I'm going to try the protein pie again but in a pie pan and with no middle layer so it's just a custard pie with a graham cracker crust. Though I may try the middle layer again, but do it a bit differently.
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