Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carnie Wilson - My turn to pile on

So the weight loss surgery community has been buzzing about Carnie Wilson's new show (Carnie Wilson Unstapled). I haven't actually seen it, but I have seen her various interviews pimping out the show and, as usual, I have an opinion.

First of all, some of my fellow WLS peep can be really harsh and judgmental. Okay, I guess that's a universal truth that extends beyond those of us who are surgically altered. But, let's face it, regain scares the shit out of us.

So when someone is going through it -- especially someone who has put herself out there and is (essentially) making a living off being a WLS patient, a certain amount of backlash is inevitable. Those other people obviously didn't follow "the rules" or they aren't disciplined or they expected the surgery to be a magic cure.

You know, "they" aren't like "us" - the ones who aren't going to struggle with regain because we get it and do everything right! (Ha!)

I see this with some of the comments about Carnie and I think it's unfair. First of all, the woman may be heavier than when she was at her lowest weight, but she's absolutely gorgeous. I can't keep my eyes off her when she's being interviewed. Her skin and hair glow and she's curvy more than fat. She's bright and articulate too. I cheered when she schooled Jillian Michaels (who I can't stand anyway) with her "you just have to have willpower" crap on some talk show.

But people talk about her like she's gained all her weight back and is a big fat ugly cow.

Some are even saying she looks like she's a pre-op! Of course, given that her BMI is well under 40, if she was someone who hadn't had surgery and was coming to our boards saying she wanted a lapband or something, these same people would be jumping down her throat for not being heavy enough! (At least that's what normally happens.)

I'm willing to bet she'd get treated completely differently if she had gotten down to her current weight and then stopped. Instead of criticizing, people would be sympathetic that she hadn't gotten to goal and reassuring that she should be proud of herself for what she has accomplished. (Because, again, that's how it normally happens.)

That said, Carnie Wilson is also bat-shit crazy. She's got an addictive personality and she has some really bad eating behaviors, bordering on an eating disorder. Like chewing up cake and spitting it out. She's in denial about a lot of it too. Like claiming that starting a baking business is actually a good thing because it keeps her from drinking. Um, sure, Carnie. And I guess it would be smart for Amy Winehouse to become a bartender because it's that or stuffing her face.

Bottom line though: I admire her for putting herself out there when she hasn't been Ms. Perfect WLS Patient and I hope it works for her.
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