Friday, September 25, 2009

It's been a year

So this is it... my very own "I'm one year out!" post. Yes, it's been a year since I had my surgery.

In that time I've lost:

-110 pounds (give or take depending on the day)
-97.5 inches
-my ravenous appetite
-at least 38% body fat (I'm having trouble getting an accurate measurement on this one)

And I've gained:

-a whole lot of new friends, both online and in real life
-an athlete's body and lifestyle
-my life back

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Put on my big girl panties

So yesterday my trainer calls me -- he's sick and can't make our session this morning. No big deal, I think. I'll do a Group Power class at the gym. That's weight lifting in a group to music. I call it "chick-lifting" -- weight lifting for chicks. Kind of strange, but it's a decent workout for people like me who never know what to do when they go to the gym by themselves. And, if there isn't a Group Power class, there is bound to be a Boot Camp or Body Sculpt or Abs & Core class.

Except there isn't. Not on Wednesday before 9:00 am anyway.

Monday, September 21, 2009

You need to gain weight!

So people have been saying that to me lately. I think it's weird because my weight has been relatively stable for about two months. It goes down a bit and then comes back up and then goes down again. But my clothes fit the same and I don't really look any thinner than when people weren't saying this to me.

It's interesting that I'm getting these comments right about when I think I'm the perfect size. I know a lot of people who get them when they are still technically obese! In those cases, it's clear that the problem is with the person making the comment. They would think someone else at that weight needs to lose (at least) 25 lb. and only think their friend is "too thin" because they aren't used to seeing them so small.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I guess Bullets really are evil

So, with all the controversy over the quality of protein bullets, comes this:

Agents Conduct More Raids On Vitamin Company

Apparently the makers of New Whey are in big trouble with ICE. They were raided and had antique cars and tons of other stuff confiscated. ICE brought dogs to the raid. (to sniff for ???)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waves to Wine is in the books

Well, it's over and Team Altered Reality survived!

We had a freak storm in the Bay area -- started with dry lightening and eventually the rain came down. So we started out Sat. morning in the cold and rain, which did put a damper on things. Then, getting out of SF was a bit of a zoo. Some guy road his bike right into me, for example. I didn't fall down (thanks to Deb and her riding in a group lesson), but I was freaked out. Then I got two flat tires right away. By the time we got to the first two rest stops, there wasn't much food left, either. Then Ant got THREE flat tires and had to be SAGed into the third stop.

So we were cold, wet and miserable and hungry and making horrible time. It wasn't looking good.

Even with the fog and no sunlight, much of the route was beautiful, though. Plus, we started making better time after all our flat tire woes and that meant the food got better. It never really warmed up to a normal September temperature, but it did get warmer as we got into Rohnert Park for the night.

The team helped me put up my tent. (Which is good because I'm bad at that sort of thing.) We had also corralled another guy into our team for the ride and he camped out too so I wasn't alone when the rest of my team went to their respective hotels for the night.

Camping out was fun. I got to meet some new people. Plus, the portable showers had amazingly hot water -- which I hadn't expected. I even got a decent night's sleep, which doesn't always happen with camping.

The next day it was overcast, a little chilly, but not too bad. We got a bit of a late start what with people having to top off their tires and take our official team photo. Half of us did the 50 mile route instead of the 75 mile route so we were getting to the rest stops early and that meant lots and lots of food choices. I can't believe how much I ate!

It did threaten to sprinkle a few times, but putting on my rain jacket would stop that. (I'm so glad I went out and bought that jacket the night before we left.) The rain held off until we got to the park where everything ended, so that was good. Plus, I got to take another hot shower!

"Dinner" was served at Lake Sonoma -- a bbq with tri-tip. I'm a sucker for tri-tip. We sat around and ate and chilled until the rain drove us away. Then it was onto the buses for the trip home. I ended up not being able to sit with my team so I sat with some amusing guys and we talked and looked up football scores on my iPhone.

When we got back to the bike corral, my bike was soaked and I was so glad I had put a sheet in my new car because otherwise there would now be mud all over it. (That would have been bad.)

I was so tired when I got home. But, interestingly, I wasn't that sore. I expected to be very sore, but so far all I've felt is a bit of numbness in my left hand and some twinges in my quads the next day. I've definitely been worse!

Overall, it was a good experience, if not quite what I was expecting -- mostly due to the weather which really could not have been foreseen and definitely not controlled.

One thing I would have liked, though, is if the Saturday night program had featured more people affected by MS. I don't feel like I really got to know where the money we raised went to in any personal way. I did see the guys from Fluid (a club sponsor) there with shirts with a picture of who they were riding for and I got to talk to one of them yesterday at our club meeting about the ride. I would have liked a lot more of that.

So far our team has raised $6,639.00, which means we've gone over the $1000 per person target that the National MS Society set to meet their goal. So I'm very proud of our team for that. However, I haven't made my personal fundraising goal and the event hasn't made it's fundraising goal. So, if you were planning to donate, but just didn't get around to it, it's not too late! Anything we raise up through Oct. 16th counts towards our team total.

MacMadame's Donation Page

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I like my body

I can't believe I'm typing this, let alone thinking it.

But lately I've been seeing pictures of myself or catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror or a store window and not hating what I see.

Sure, I'm much more likely to notice when my arm skin is all wrinkly or my hair is poofing out funny. And those things happen a lot. But sometimes I'm actually pretty hot. Um, for a 50-something who's had two kids, anyway. Plus, I've gotten very lean and I've always admired that kind of body.

Of course, this is with clothes on. That kind of goes without saying when you've lost 110+ pounds and your skin hasn't had time to catch up.

But, up until recently, I've been disappointed in my pictures. I've lost all this weight and all I could see was the imperfections. The droopy skin, the bulldog wrinkles in my face, the elephant wrinkles around my elbows and knees ... and, of course, fat pockets.

At times, I did worry that I might get anorexic. Losing weight is definitely a thrill and often more fun than trying to maintain a loss. Plus, for a while there, it seemed like, no matter how much I lost, I still had more to lose -- or thought I did. Of course, those times were offset by the times I was in a panic that I'd lost too much and was getting too scrawny. But I'd seesaw back and forth with very little time spent in the middle.

However, right now, today, at this moment: I feel perfect.

I decided to write it down, so I can remind myself of this feeling the next time I see a less than flattering photo of myself or start obsessing about my arm wrinkles.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bike MS: Waves to Wine

In a week, I'll be doing Bike MS: Waves to Wine. I still haven't picked up my packet and I need to get a tent. We have a 6 person tent, but it's kind of hard to put up and take down and I'm only one person. So I'm going to use my credit at REI to buy a 2 person tent.

I'm doing on more long bike ride this weekend before the event and then that's it -- ready or not, I'll be biking 125 miles in two days.

I'm only half way to my fund-raising goal so I'd appreciate it if anyone reading this would consider sponsoring me. It doesn't have to be a large amount. I know the economy sucks now and people are afraid of the future. Any amount is fine.

You can donate here at my page:

MacMadame's Participant Page

This cause really speaks to me for several reasons.

First, I know people who are impacted by this disease. An old school friend, the owner of the best damn figure skating message board on the internet, a cousin. I didn't actually know that when I signed up though. I only knew about my friend and fellow figure skating fan, Naomi, whose sister, Deborah, recently died from complications due to MS. Watching what she had to go through was heartbreaking and I'd like to save other families from having to go through that.

Second, MS is a disease that gradually robs people of movement. As a formerly morbidly obese person, I have had personal experience with gradually moving less and less. It's not exactly the same, but it was scary nonetheless. But I had an out. There are effective and durable treatments for obesity (I hesitate to say a cure). The only treatments we have for MS are drugs to manage the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. It just doesn't seem fair!

As I got my mobility back and transformed myself into an athlete, I looked around for a long bike ride to challenge myself with. I also looked for something charitable I could do to give back to as I felt like my life had been given back to me.

Waves to Wine fulfills both goals in one event and I'm very excited and proud to be doing it.