Friday, December 25, 2009

No protein == no hair

It's been no secret that my hair loss has gone on longer than most. I had tried pretty much everything to slow it down or stop it and nothing worked. I figured I'd just have to wait it out. At least, these days, it's down to a trickle; still more than before surgery, but not so much that it's really troublesome.

Well, that was the case until a week ago when I got really bad about getting in enough protein. I actually had a day where I only consumed 35 g of the stuff. Yikes!

And, several days later, I had beaucoup hair clumps in my hands after washing my hair. I freaked and made sure to get at least 125 g of protein a day for five days in a row and now I'm back to my normal 5-10 hairs a shower.

My conclusion is that, even when I was consuming over 100 g of protein a day for a lot of last year, it wasn't actually enough for me. I'm also guessing my protein levels are still low and that they won't be normal until I eat enough each day to get my hair loss in the shower down to 0-3 hairs -- which is what it was pre-op.

Speaking of protein.... why do people post recipes on the web labeled "protein this" and "protein that" when the recipes don't actually have all that much protein in them? I just made some cookies tonight from several recipes with the "protein" label and none of them have even 10 grams of protein. The Protein Pumpkin recipe has a 3:1 carb to protein ratio, which is cool for a post-exercise snack, but they were touted as a great breakfast cookie and they certainly won't work for that. I try to get 30-45 g of protein for breakfast and 300-400 calories. If I ate 3 of these "protein" cookies, I'd get the calories in, but I'd also get 48 g of carbs and only 16-17 grams of protein.

The other "protein" cookie made oatmeal lumps that were actually pretty tasty, but very sweet and there is no way they are "protein" anything because they are mostly oats, oil and sugar. I used pumpkin or applesauce for the oil (can't remember now) so they aren't as high fat as the original recipes, but they are pretty much just a big blob of sugary carbs with marginal protein.

I ran out of egg whites or I would have tried the recipe from At least that one had protein powder on it and body builders at least understand protein so there's a chance it might actually be a true protein cookie.
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