Friday, December 25, 2009

No protein == no hair

It's been no secret that my hair loss has gone on longer than most. I had tried pretty much everything to slow it down or stop it and nothing worked. I figured I'd just have to wait it out. At least, these days, it's down to a trickle; still more than before surgery, but not so much that it's really troublesome.

Well, that was the case until a week ago when I got really bad about getting in enough protein. I actually had a day where I only consumed 35 g of the stuff. Yikes!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

First ride

I decided to take Gia out today hoping I could get in a good hour's ride in between rain spells. But it was not to be. So she has now been rained on and even had her first tip over accident. She's been christened, that's for sure.

Apparently, riding a new bike with narrower tires than I'm used to, a different gear shifting mechanism than I'm used to and a new pedal cleat system when it's raining off and on and the ground is full of debris is not actually a good idea. Even so, I did okay. I was a little wobbly in parts, but the shifters are pretty intuitive and I like the Look pedals. They are pretty easy to clip into in spite of the fact that they only clip on one side. But I think the tension on them is a bit tight for me because I had some trouble getting out at times.

I started out on my usual "no destination in mind" ride which is an out and back on the Alameda Creek trail. From my house to the bay and back is around 20 miles so it's a nice ride and it's flat so I can go all out. I also use the underpasses as little mini-hills. I try to race down them and then get back up the other side without shifting into an easier gear. My theory is that it will make me stronger on real hills, but also it's fun.

But I didn't get very far before I ran into an old friend going in the opposite direciton.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introducing Gia

My new bike is here!

"What?! What new bike?" you may be asking yourself. Not to mention, "What happened to Herbie*?"

*Herbie is my old bike. I named her after Herbie, the Love Bug. But she's a girl Herbie, not a boy Herbie.

I haven't mentioned it much on the blog, because I didn't want to jinx it. It all started back in Oct. when I woke up one day to a message on Facebook from one of my online friends, Will, saying (paraphrase):

Do you want a Gios Compact Pro racing bike? I've got the parts for one in my basement. I'd rather see them being used than sitting here.
My reaction? I was in shock. Wouldn't you be? I was also a bit suspicious. Maybe I'm a cynic and I know I tend to over-think things. So my brain was going about 200 mph with all sorts of thoughts:

CIM Relay

Last week I "ran" a "marathon". Okay, I "ran" 5.6 miles. And by "run" I mean I did this sort of run/shuffle/race walk thing and I also just walked for part of it too.

I probably shouldn't have done it because of my injury, but I had fun and learned a bit about racing through pain. It was tricky to push enough to feel satisfied, but not enough to risk serious/further injury. I think I did manage that though I did make my PT unhappy with how tight my calf muscles ended up.

I now have to stretch them as well as do my PT exercises. Plus, I'm giving up on track until January. Just biking and swimming for me until I can run without pain.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IMAZ '09 Non-race Report

I've been remiss in getting my report from my Ironman Arizona trip. Blame Thanksgiving and work for that.

Originally, I hadn't planned to attend this event. I figured I'd sign up for next year's IMAZ on the web. All the Ironmans so far this year have had online registration, so I figured there wasn't any need to go down there. It turned that going there was a really good idea, but more on that later.

It started when a bunch of my friends floated the idea of going down there to volunteer and to cheer on our friend D, who was doing her first Ironman along with her family. That sounds like fun and I figured it would be a good idea to see an Ironman in action before I actually did one. I also wanted to get a feel for the course. In particular, the "lake" that the swim takes place in looks more like a river or a canal and I was having trouble visualizing how we'd all fit in there for the swim. I also wanted to see how feasible driving there would be.

So I reserved a hotel room, told my boss I was taking some days off, and started recruiting people to stay with me and/or drive down with me. Four of us ending up going, of which I was the only one intent on signing up for next year.

IMAZ '10 or Bust!

So I did it. I signed up to do an Ironman. I was going to post "I'm not sure what got into me" and "I know it's going to be tough" and a bunch of disclaimers like that. But then I realized... it would be a lie! I know what got into me and I think it's going to be the most fun of anything I've ever done in my life. So there.

I've been toying with doing an Ironman for a while. I'm not sure when the idea went from "I'll never do that" to "I must do that." But at some point during this past season, I got the bug. This is something I must do and that I feel like I owe it to myself to do.