Friday, September 4, 2009

Bike MS: Waves to Wine

In a week, I'll be doing Bike MS: Waves to Wine. I still haven't picked up my packet and I need to get a tent. We have a 6 person tent, but it's kind of hard to put up and take down and I'm only one person. So I'm going to use my credit at REI to buy a 2 person tent.

I'm doing on more long bike ride this weekend before the event and then that's it -- ready or not, I'll be biking 125 miles in two days.

I'm only half way to my fund-raising goal so I'd appreciate it if anyone reading this would consider sponsoring me. It doesn't have to be a large amount. I know the economy sucks now and people are afraid of the future. Any amount is fine.

You can donate here at my page:

MacMadame's Participant Page

This cause really speaks to me for several reasons.

First, I know people who are impacted by this disease. An old school friend, the owner of the best damn figure skating message board on the internet, a cousin. I didn't actually know that when I signed up though. I only knew about my friend and fellow figure skating fan, Naomi, whose sister, Deborah, recently died from complications due to MS. Watching what she had to go through was heartbreaking and I'd like to save other families from having to go through that.

Second, MS is a disease that gradually robs people of movement. As a formerly morbidly obese person, I have had personal experience with gradually moving less and less. It's not exactly the same, but it was scary nonetheless. But I had an out. There are effective and durable treatments for obesity (I hesitate to say a cure). The only treatments we have for MS are drugs to manage the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. It just doesn't seem fair!

As I got my mobility back and transformed myself into an athlete, I looked around for a long bike ride to challenge myself with. I also looked for something charitable I could do to give back to as I felt like my life had been given back to me.

Waves to Wine fulfills both goals in one event and I'm very excited and proud to be doing it.
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