Friday, August 28, 2009

11 Month Report

Last Monday was my 11th month. I realized it, but completely forgot about making a report. This is probably because nothing has really changed since last month. Same measurements, I look the same, about the same amount of hair falling out (still), can eat the same amount, etc. But I wanted to do monthly reports the first year, so -- for the sake of completeness -- here you go:

I went to see Dr. Awesome on Wed. for my "not quite a year" check-up and he was very happy with me and told me not to beat myself up so much as nothing I've been doing has resulted in weight gain. He also say I'm probably done losing. I thought so too, but then I lost two pounds! Hopefully, it's just water weight from my killer workout yesterday.

But I have also been working on eating more to my hunger and less to rules and that may have kick-started some more loss. I'm interested to see what happens next. I was a bit concerned that the upper range of my weight bounce was a bit higher than I wanted. So, if I end up bouncing around in a range where 113 is the upper limit and not the middle of the range, I'll be happier.

Here are my pictures. They were kind of blurry so I kept them small:

Oh, Dr. Awesome says he thinks my approach -- tracking everything -- is really the way to go and that I shouldn't think I'm crazy to get a $300 scale so I can track my body changes in detail. So either I'm fine or we're both insane! He did say he has patients who show up after a year and say everything is going great when they've gained 20 pounds, because they aren't tracking anything. I have to say, I've seen that myself.

So I need a way to lighten up that doesn't remove accountability. I need to lighten up because I am getting burned out on it and driving myself crazy. But I need to keep the records so I can analyze them when things go wrong. I'm thinking about putting everything down in a notebook and recording it online once a day instead of minutely tracking as I go. I don't upload my exercise to my spreadsheet every day so why put in my food every hour?

I'll let you know how it goes.
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