Friday, July 17, 2009

Thin air

I decided to run around Donner Lake on Wednesday. When I first started out, I couldn't breathe! But I got over that and was able to make it around at a pretty normal pace for me. It was supposed to be my long run for the week so I was supposed to do it at 11:30, but I actually did it at 11:17. Of course, that's just my average pace. My actual pace was all over the place including under 10 min. and over 14!

I did kind of crash at the end, but that was more due to the heat. We're having a heat wave! What is it with me and triathlons and heat waves? We had one for my first tri too. It's supposed to "only" be in the high 80s on Sunday.

Today I'm going swimming and tomorrow I'm going biking. Hopefully I've acclimated a bit to the altitude and won't have such a rough time of it as I did with the running.

I'm actually pretty hopeful I'll be able to improve on my time from Wildflower. I want to finish in under four hours this time. The earlier I finish, the less I'll have to deal with the heat!
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