Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cadence, bikinis and hair loss

The summer edition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly wouldn't be complete without talking about bikinis. Guess which section they'll come in!

The Good:

This week, I got to practice cadence. A lot. We worked on it at track for running and I got 95 striders per minute the very first time just like I was supposed to! I was shocked because the other times I've worked on this, I did not get it. Not sure what happened between now and the last time, but I think learning to run faster and working on not over-striding both contributed.

I worked on this a bit on my regular Thurs. bike ride as well and then again on Saturday during my "New to the Sport" workout. This time something clicked with me: muscling up the hill in the hardest gear I can get away with actually makes it a lot harder to get up the last bit. I've been reluctant to shift too soon on the hill in the past because I was afraid I'd get into my easiest gear too soon and then have no where to go. But it turns out that shifting sooner actually works better because you don't waste energy on the lower part of the hill.

So I practiced that today on my "conquer Del Valle hills" ride and I was able to do the entire 27 miles without walking once! What a different 6 weeks, 15 pounds and 20 degrees (cooler) makes. Not that I wasn't bone tired afterwards and not that there weren't times when I was pedaling very, very slowly, but I got through it all and now I feel really prepared for the Donner Lake Tri in two weeks.

The Bad:

There really isn't anything bad. I know I've been whining about maintenance and I expect I'll whine a bit more before it's all over, but in general things have been good.

Now, I am still losing hair. I kid myself that it's slowed down to about 10-15 hairs a shower, but when I count it's still 25-30 just like the last time.

The Ugly:

Mini-Mac talked me into buying a two-piece bathing suit a while ago. She calls it my bikini though I think it's probably not small enough to really qualify. On the other hand, it shows enough. I'm self-conscious in it even though I used to wear a two-piece when I was morbidly obese. My theory at the time was that I was going to look bad in any suit I wore, so I might as well get one that was easy to pee in. Plus, the ones I had mostly covered my tummy so no one could see my gallbladder scar. The one I have now shows everything.

So Mini-Mac talks me into going swimming. Then she talks me into wearing the two-piece. Because I look "hot" in it. Then, as I'm putting it no, she proceeds to babble on doing her best to make me feel as bad about my body as possible. First, she loves my "melting candle" because it makes me unique. (This is my skin flap that's between my breasts and belly button.) Then, she goes on about this woman at the pool who is my age and wearing a thong when she shouldn't because her ass sags... just like mine. (But, she claims, this isn't anything I should be upset about, because I'm not wearing a thong.) Then she tells me that my "vagina" is showing.

At this point, I should have strangled her, but I was afraid of going to jail. I don't think she should count on that to save her if she does it again though.
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