Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baking up a storm

I went a little nuts tonight baking things. I made three different kinds of protein muffins, my normal banana nut and two new ones: pumpkin and blueberry. I haven't had a blueberry one yet but the pumpkin ones came out a little over-moist. I also used chocolate protein powder in them when I'd planned to use vanilla or orange. But I think they'll be okay and I will continue to tweak the recipe. The blueberry looked good, but I was too full to try one. I'll do that tomorrow.

Then I made some protein bars. These are "no bake" recipes that I got off the web from someone at Obesity Help. I had tried two before -- a "nutty fudge" bar and some protein "balls". I was underwhelmed, to be honest.

The protein balls were actually okay in taste. The problem is that they are very sticky and revert to that state within minutes of being out of the freezer. Also, if I had made them according to the recipe, with real peanut butter, they would have been astronomical in calories and fat. I used PB2 instead and they were still pretty hefty in the calorie and fat department.

The "Nutty Fudge" bars were slightly nutty and hardly fudge-y at all. They also were very high in calories -- and I made 12 bars from the batch, not the eight the recipe called for -- and they were also kind of greasy. I should have figured on that when I saw the recipe called for 1/2 cup of butter!

Tonight I looked for recipes with much less butter in them and also that would use up some of the stuff I had laying around the house. So I made a sesame bar that is supposed to not melt in your purse and a chocolate bar that actually is chocolaty. It has cream and Bakers chocolate in it along with chocolate protein powder so it didn't have as much butter. I suspect it has more butter than I'll be happy with, but I'm hoping it will be "in the ballpark" and I can tweak the recipe to my liking.

I'm fairly certain I will be unhappy with the nutritional composition -- because I have high standards -- but hopefully not as unhappy as I was with my first batch. A quick eyeballing of the ingredients didn't show any red flags.

I won't know for sure how they'll turn out until tomorrow when the stuff is done chilling and I can sample some. It's also close to midnight so it's unlikely I'll have time to run the nutritional numbers tonight. If they turn half-way decent at all, I'll post the recipes, along with any caveats I may have as to fat, protein and carb content.

The same with my protein muffins. I have promised to post the recipe before, but just haven't been 100% happy with it yet. But it's time to follow through and stop aiming for perfection.

So tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. But soon. I swear!
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