Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer, protein shakes and why I love my support group

I had another great support group meeting on Wed. I always go thinking that I'm mostly going to help the pre-ops, but every month I get energized and I learn something new even when we talk about stuff I've heard many times before.

This month we talked about Summer.

So we talked about how to avoid dehydration, taking advantage of the weather to be active, and also about traveling and vacation. Next month we're going to be making protein shakes and summer drinks, but I won't be there. Because I'll be traveling and on vacation. So it was a timely topic.

I got a new idea for my protein shakes too. I generally make one in the morning and drink it while I get ready and on the drive into work. But that hasn't been working too well on the days I go to the gym at 6 AM. I can't drink the whole shake before I get there and then I have to decide what to do with the remainder -- leave it in the car, put it in my locker -- and, either way, when I get back to it after working out, it tends not to be very appetizing.

Dr. Awesome suggested we fill up a thermos with our shake in the morning and take it with us. This was in answer to a question about going to Disneyland. But it will work for the gym too! I picked one up on the way home from the meeting. (And an immersion blender, too, since I've managed to kill another Magic Bullet.)

I haven't had a chance to try it out, but I will tomorrow when I go to our "New to the Sport" workout. That's another time where I bring a shake, but often don't finish it. Plus, we're having a picnic after our swim and run so then I'll get to practice the other things I learned.
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