Friday, June 12, 2009

"Nine" month visit

I saw Dr. Awesome today for a check-up. I'm 8.5 months out so I think of this as my nine month check-up.

Anyway, he was very happy with my weight loss. As am I, of course.

Their scale wouldn't measure my body fat, which was annoying. I want to see if my trainer's measurements were accurate.

We talked about maintenance and when I would be done. He said he'd be fine if I didn't lose another pound but also I could go down to 110 or even 105 and be fine and that it's better to go down 5-10 lb. more than you wanted than stop 5-10 lb. above where you wanted. (I think he's worried about bounce back.)

I do think I could get down to 110 and be fine, but 105 seems a bit much. I was 110 in High School but I was also shorter. And a B cup. Then again, I wasn't particularly fit back then either. I guess we'll see.

He also said I can get down to the low teens in body fat and still be healthy since I'm not trying to get pregnant. (Good. I was thinking my new goal should be 12 % body fat. I want to see if I can hit that. Just for grins.)

On the acid front, he said I should go off the prilosec for a month and see what happens. If my acid situation doesn't stabilize, then we can consider an X-ray to see if the hiatal hernia reoccurred. (I am having some back pain reminiscent of the hiatal hernia back pain.) But he thinks I'll be fine.

We talked a lot about eating and maintenance:

If I keep up the triathlons, I won't have to worry about regain, but lots of people work out a lot and eat a lot and are fine, but then they stop working out and don't stop eating a lot and gain. This is a big worry of mine, actually. I told him I planned to do them until I was too old. And I do. I want to be the oldest person to do Kona.

He also liked my idea of "fueling" around workouts as separate from "eating" the rest of the time since, when I don't work out, I don't consume that stuff. So, if I stop working out, I won't be eating like crazy. But he thinks I should eat mostly before as afterwards I might not be that hungry. I think that's a good idea as some days I have been having trouble getting it all in.

He also said I need carbs when I'm working out. While this is true, I just about died when he said that. I think of Dr. Awesome as the anti-carb king! He suggested doubling from their 40 g start point. I cracked up because I'm up to 110 g a day these days already. He said I need to experiment to find what works for me. I'm going to see what 120 g a day does. I suspect my "craving point" is somewhere in the 120-150 g range, based on past experience.

He also suggested I add in whole grain breads and pasta. Honestly, I don't like bread -- never have -- and whole grain pasta is gross. I think I'll stick with fruits and veggies and the occasional potato. Another suggestion was avocado. I didn't have the heart to tell him I eat it already. I eat lots of healthy fats, in fact, but in very small quantities to stay under my fat gram allotment. I guess maybe I can up my allotment.

He wants me to come back in Aug. since I'm now in the fine-tuning stage. I was surprised by that, since I figured the time between appointments would get longer at this point, not shorter.

Finally, he said he wished more of his patients were like me when it comes to weight loss. Aw. Truly, I don't feel like I'm doing anything particularly spectacular. I know lots of people who had WLS and turned into athletes and plenty more who got to goal and are maintaining just fine.
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