Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nine month report

I feel like I just gave my eight month report so I'll keep this short.

First, here are my pictures:

Note: I am not wearing shapewear of any sort. Yeah! Also, that shirt, which I only bought a week ago, is already a bit big on me.

Here are my measurements:
Body Part 9 mo Since
Bust 32 1 15
Chest 28 0 15
Waist 26 1 14
Stomach 34 3 16
Hips 35.5 0.5 15
Thigh 16 1.5 7.5
Calf 13.5 0 3
Arm 9 0.5 5.5
TOTAL: 7.5 91

In terms of where I am at, I am definitely and officially transitioning to maintenance. I'm still losing and some days I'm not happy about it and others I'm fine with it. I've been eating a lot this week and I think that's a side-effect of weaning off the Prilosec. I think low-grade acid is mimicking hunger. I'm working on that and hoping the effect is temporary.

Also, I'm a size two on the bottom! So now I'm sort of the same size on the top and the bottom. It's hard to find size 0 in most stores so I'm kind of hoping I stay here. Some size twos are a bit tight in the tummy and rear area so hopefully I'll lose a bit more there and no where else.

I'm still in a bra size that can't be bought at most stores. But I am finally losing there so maybe I'll end up okay in that area as well. I really hate buying bras off the internet. Which is why I buy all my bras at Nordstroms. I like that they don't put my stuff in a special section, but you have to be careful there. I almost bought an $82 bra today because I forgot to check the price tag.

I also need a new wetsuit -- my old one is already too big! I knew it would be too big by then end of the season, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. I really would rather not spend the extra money, but it irritates my neck when I swim in it. At least it's easy to get off now.
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