Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm a Mermaid!

I did the Mermaid Triathlon yesterday. It's an all-women event and I had a great time, which I wasn't too sure I would before it started, because it's a very short triathlon (1/4 mi. swim, 10 mi. bike, 2.5 mi. run) and I'm turning into a tri snob now that I'm going for the longer distances. Heh. (I was angsting about how doing a race right now would mess up my training like a big bozo who forgot that the whole point is to have fun.)

It was great to see woman of all different shapes and sizes instead of the usual buff athletes you see at the co-ed events. I felt more comfortable in that crowd even though I'm more on the buff side these days. (But I still don't think of myself that way -- I only focus on the flab and loose skin!)

Plus I got to hang out with a bunch of my friends... some women from our "New to the Sport" group shared my rack and I saw others from our club, plus some of my friends from my bariatric support groups and from the Obesity Help website.

I am also very happy because of the 300-400 people who had completed it at the time I checked, I was 171st! Now, the 20-somethings were still out on the course, so my overall ranking will go down, but I was only 10 min. behind the winners of my age group and this will be my first MOP finish. I really pushed myself since the distances were short enough and it paid off.

But the best part is that I talked Mini-Mac into doing the "Mini-Mermaid Fun Run" just for girls that took place at the same time and now she wants to go to the gym with me and maybe even enter a triathlon too (or at least a duathon, she's not 100% sure about the swimming). She only wants to do women-only or kid events though because she doesn't like it when the "old dudes" walk around in their tight shorts. I tried to tell her that "old dudes" walking around in tight shorts is actually a known benefit of doing tris, but she's still pretty young and wasn't buying it. She'll learn.

I've been concerned about Mini-Mac because she used to be pretty athletic and lately she's turned into a big couch potato so I am happy she wants to do something that involves moving her body. The week leading up to the run were a bit tense. She kept trying to back out of it and was convinced she'd make an utter fool of herself. But we had a talk on Sat. and she decided to have a better attitude. Then, after she ran, she wanted to know her time and was disappointed they didn't keep times. She's so competitive -- just like her mom!

So now I have a tri buddy. Next year we can do it together just like some of the moms and daughters I saw out on the course.
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