Monday, June 1, 2009

Camping = eating?

I can't believe how much I ate on the DVS camping trip this weekend! I was actually mostly making good choices and I ate a lot less than I did last year. But it still added up. Something about traveling seems to excite the "eat it" part of my brain. I was just constantly putting something in my mouth and it wasn't all fruit and nuts either. There was definitely some candy in there!

Maybe it's being away from all my normal external cues. I guess it could be being outdoors in the fresh air, but it happens to me when I take plane trips to cities too. So that's why I suspect it's an "external cue" thing.

Plus there was tons of food around. I don't think that helps. There is something about abundance that triggers me.

I ended up eating almost 1500 calories on Friday, almost 2100 on Saturday (yikes!), and 1400 on Sunday. But I still lost three pounds this week and I got in my protein and operated at a calorie deficit for the weekend due to a very long bike ride I took on Saturday that totally kicked my butt. I also went to the gym on Sunday and fit in my long run for the week.

I also took Mini-Mac and two of her friends out for a little run on Saturday morning. They started out way too fast and I thought I was doomed, but they had to stop and rest and I caught up and then I got to teach them about pacing and training your body to run. That was fun. One of them is a natural runner too. I was a bit jealous as I think she could have schooled me if she wasn't being polite.

I'm still struggling with the whole "maintenance" thing. I keep thinking I need to eat as little as possible even though my weight loss tells me otherwise. If I want to stop losing weight, I need to eat more, but when I eat more, I beat myself up about it. I look back at what I ate this weekend and I remember my calculations saying I probably need to eat somewhere in the 1800-2000 range and I realize that I didn't actually eat all that much compared to what my body needs.

I think the real problem is that I felt somewhat out of control and wanting to eat junk. I had a Tootsie Pop both days, a handful of Tootsie Rolls and some squares of Hershey's chocolate from the s'mores. It wasn't a lot but it was more than I told myself I was allowed.

But as we were driving home, I kept looking at the last Tootsie Pop I had saved out and I couldn't even imagine why I wanted it. Which is how I normally feel about such things since my surgery. I ended up putting it the snack drawer and someone else ate it.

So I go out in the woods and want to eat junk all day and I come home and it has no appeal to me? I just don't get that.
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