Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wildflower Outstanding Performance Saucony Award

Hey, I got nominated for an award by someone in my triathlon club! It seems Saucony, makers of shoes and athletic gear, donated a tri suit (or a tri tank, according to my coupon) to our club for someone who had a particularly good Wildflower performance.

I thought about nominating myself (it was allowed under the rules) because I am still pretty stoked about getting through Wildflower in one piece and with a reasonable performance. But it felt a little vain. Plus I know tons of people in the club had better times than me. 

But luckily for me, someone else nominating me!

I am just so thrilled that someone thought my story worthy of an "Outstanding Performance" award that I didn't care if I won. But they put all the nominees' names in an envelope and my name came out the winner. So now I get a new tri suit -- which I can really use -- as well as getting to feel on top of the world for being nominated.
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