Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy to gain?

I gained two pounds this week and I am happy. Yes, happy! Okay, mostly happy.

The problem is that I have made Monday my official weigh-in day. But last week I did an Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday, so on Monday I was down five pounds from last time I weighed (Friday morning) and six for the week over all. I knew it was mostly water weight (because I had purposely depleted all the glycogen from my muscles) and I know it is normal to lose up to 10% of your body weight after an endurance event. But it still freaked me out to lose that much all at once.

But I figured I'd gain most, if not all of it back over the next couple of days and I anticipated being freaked out about that too; even though I knew, again, that it was mostly water and not true weight gain.

So when I only gained two of it back, I was happy. Because this puts my average loss for the past two weeks at two pounds a week, which is much more reasonable than six pounds, and faster than I've been losing since I upped my protein to 120 grams a day. So I'm happy that I'm getting closer to being done, but I'm also slightly nervous that I won't stop losing when I get to where I want to be.

For the past week I averaged 1250 calories and about 95 grams of carbs. That's not unreasonable for maintenance, in my opinion. But I'm not maintaining. I'm losing and faster than the formulas say I should. Plus, eating that many carbs tends to make me crave junk food and I'd rather not start junking up my body with Snickers and pie and the like.

I think I might be exercising more than I thought. I also may not be building up as much muscle as I want. I bet if I started strength training two days a week ... which I've been talking about doing for ages, but haven't yet managed to pull the trigger ... that would slow my weight loss right down and also lower my body fat percentage to where I want it to be.

After all, I have a ways to go if I'm going to be as buff as my hero, Harriet Anderson.
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