Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seven Months Out

It's that time again ... yesterday was my 7 month anniversary. 

Let's take stock:

- None of my clothes fit. I really need to go clothes shopping, but don't want to spend the money if I'm not done losing (and it looks like I'm not).

- I am really settled into my post-op lifestyle. But it's still easy to make mistakes. Like yesterday I got the foamies! That hasn't happened to me in months.

- I've become an athlete.

- I've started to work on eating to satiety vs. eating until I'm full. I had been trying so hard to get in all the protein up until now that I would force in as much as I could just to get in that extra couple of grams. I think that's a bad idea in the long run, so I'm working on stopping when I'm satisfied even if that means more meals throughout the day. I think that will work better when I'm years out.

While my weight loss is slowing down, my measurements have not:

7 mon Since
Last Time
First Time
Bust 33.75 1.25 14.25
Chest 28.5 1.5 14.5
Waist 29 1.5 12
Stomach 39 1 14
Hips 37.5 0 13.5
Thigh 18 1 7
Calf 13.5 0.5 3
Arm 10 0.5 5
TOTAL: 7.25 83.25

For my body fat percentage, both my scale and my calipers don't really give me an accurate measurement. According to them, my body fat % is between 22% and 27%. Um, that's quite the range! I suspect I'm around 25% at this point. Most of what I have left is around my middle section, which is obvious in my pictures. It gets smaller almost every day though.
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