Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scoping out ICE Breaker

We got to Rocklin this afternoon and stopped by the park where the triathlon will be. It's a good thing we checked it out because the GPS let us down and sent us on a weird side trip and then to the wrong park. But we figured out. I would have been totally freaking out if this would have happened the morning of the race!

Anyway, we pulled into the parking lot and it was all set up for the race. It was also full of other cyclist who all seemed to be doing the same thing I was -- giving the course a test run. I had heard the course was windy, twisty, hilly and narrow. It's not that it isn't, but the normal rides I've been doing all contain elements that were much worse. My main ride in Fremont is much narrower and windier. The streets we ride during our NTTS workouts are much twistier and hillier. In fact, this was a nice ride, very pretty and very manageable.

The worst hills were the ones where I thought I was in my lowest gear, but I wasn't. But I got up them just fine and didn't fall over because I was going too slow and couldn't get out of my new clipless pedals. Er, not that I worry about that or anything. I didn't have to stop at all, in fact. But tomorrow I hope to be in the right gear instead.

Then I joined Mini-Mac and Mr. Mac on the beach of the lake. People were swimming in it! So I figured, "how cold could it be?" and I took off my shoes and waded in. It was actually pretty nice. But there were waves. I expect it to be colder and choppier tomorrow. But I'm  hoping it won't be as cold as the website I found that says it's supposedly around 53 degrees! It felt more like 63 this afternoon.

I was going to check out the run too but we decided to go find the hotel instead. The hotel has a jacuzzi but we all forgot to bring swimsuits! D'oh.

I have to say I'm getting nervous. It's one thing to fantasize about racing, but now I actually have to do it. Plus, I realized today I have absolutely no idea how to rack my bike. I wonder what else will happen that I have no idea what to do.
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