Monday, April 27, 2009

Hair today

Today I lost about 30 hairs in the shower. This is such an improvement over the days when I could easily get 100 hairs to come out just by running my fingers through my wet hair.

Everyone told me that this would happen. It's not that I didn't believe them. It's that when my hair started falling out at 1.5 weeks -- almost 3 months ahead of schedule -- I was sure something else besides the surgery was going on and I wasn't sure that it would stop on schedule.

But it seems like nothing else was going on and I wasted tons of money on biotin and other supplements after all. I kind of figured the supplements weren't doing anything, but I had paid for them so I kept taking them until they ran out. At which point, by coincidence, my hair loss slowed down dramatically.

I tell other people now to save their money and just ride it out, but they don't believe me either.
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