Monday, March 23, 2009

Six month check-up

I saw Dr. Awesome today. I was very excited going in because I knew he's be happy with my weight loss and, more importantly, I've been happy with my weight loss. I've really stepped it up lately and the scale is cooperating by showing it. I lost 10 pounds this past month after doing "only" seven pounds a month in the two months before that.

He wants me to continue doing what I've been doing and lose another 10 to 15 pounds. Give or take. That would put me at 124 to 119 and that seems right to me. But, honestly, I don't really care what number is on the scale. I'm concerned about how I look, what size clothing I'm wearing and my body fat percentage. I want it to be around 18 to 22% and he was okay with that too.

Their Tanita scales put me at 27.5% body fat while I got 25% with my calipers and 32% with my 20 year old Tanita. I believe their scale the most. My Tanita is always at least 5% high, sometimes as much as 10% high as you get fatter and I don't think the calipers work too well when you have a lot of excess skin; it throws them off. But they are better than my scale, so I'll keep using them.

Their scale also measured me at 133 pounds. Whee! But I will continue to use my scale for reporting my weight. It said 134. Two pounds to go until I'm normal! I'm hoping that will happen next week. Then the earth will stand still or something, because I've never been normal. Or maybe it will stand still because of my SCREAMING from the roof-tops that I'm at goal.

I did express that I was interested in expanding my eating. I've been really, really strict and it's starting to bug. Dr. Awesome, predictably, was not okay with that. He wants me to keep doing what I've been doing until I stop losing for 3 months (or maybe he said six; I forgot to write it down), then I can start experimenting. My feeling is that, if my weight stabalizes, I'm damn sure not making any changes! That's exactly what I want -- for my weight to stablize at an acceptable level. But with eating I can keep up for life, which is not the sort of eating I'm doing right now.

Plus I keep dreaming about binge eating when (a) I'm not a binger and (b) I don't even like the foods I'm dreaming about binging on. I think that's a sign I'm depriving myself too much. So I've started to think about adding in some carbs.

Dr. Awesome also wants me to eat more protein. He thinks I should eat 1 g per pound of body weight just like athletes and body builders do. I tend to agree with that, since I think of myself as an athlete now, but I can't eat 120 g of protein and stay under 900 calories. On the other hand, I definitely need more energy to support my exercise. After my big workout on Saturday, I came home and took a three hour nap! Maybe I should have eaten a steak instead.

So if I go up to 1000 calories, and keep my percentages of carbs, protein and fat the same, I get to eat more carbs without going crazy. Which is really all I wanted. I didn't want to start eating candy bars and ice cream every day. Plus he did tell me to keep doing what I'm doing and what I've been doing is upping my calories gradually as I exercise more. Yes, I'm well aware I'm rationalizing, but I really do think I need to have more variety in my food. I'm not talking about having ice cream and candy bars every day; just maybe having a bite of pasta or some potatoes with dinner once in a while.

Speaking of candy bars, I asked Dr. Awesome about protein bars and that's exactly what he said "candy bars." I happen to agree with him, but so many people eat them and then I start to think maybe I'm just being a hard-ass about it. But I find them to be a trigger food and a slider food. Plus they have tons of carbs for their protein. So no protein bars for me.

The only reason I want to eat them is because I can put one in my purse and leave it there for a month and also because I'm looking for something to eat after I exercise that has a bit more carbs than what I normally eat. Dr. Awesome says my normal choices -- string cheese and greek yogurt -- are fine for after my workouts. The workout people say 4:1 carbs to protein though. I think the truth is probably some where in between. I guess I'll stick to beef jerky for my emergency stash. It has the added bonus of being something I don't really like so I really do keep it for emergencies. I don't know what I'll do about workout eating; just keep trying things until I find something that works, I guess.

I'm also supposed to call him when I get under 120. Otherwise, I see him next in June. I'm assuming the 120 pounds and June will happen within close proximity to each other anyway.
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